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BoostIT HUB is a Romanian-based IT&C and Blockchain company with a vast experience in working with worldwide clients and projects in diverse industries. We focus on delivering projects fast, secure and on demand. Our organization is part of an international group of companies with a similar business mindset / etiquette: team, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, motivation and continuous learning. This gives us a competitive advantage in terms of expertise, skills, experience and market standards, by broadening our problem-solving spectrum for our clients.


Our location-friendly headquarters in Romania allow us to easily access any European timezone, and provide a real advantage when working with clients overseas. Imagine this scenario: when it is evening or nighttime in your area, it is noon here, for us, a most productive time of the day. This strategic positioning allows us to have your back, (literally) anytime, at all times.

While our members are mostly educated and located in Romania, we don’t just stop here: we have many international specialists as part of our external team. We have offices in Switzerland, in London and in Luxembourg. Our experience and professionalism crossed borders a long time ago, which our international partners seem to appreciate all the time. Our services reached clients from the US, Australia, Belgium, the UK and from other European countries.

We like walking the extra mile in terms of passion for the things we love. And for sure, we love IT. When working with us, you will discover a casual, friendly, and in the same time professional vibe. We can help you solve your IT&C problems, delivering excellent results using the latest technology combined with creativity.

BoostIT HUB’s team consists of young, driven, motivated and educated members. Our teammates hold bachelor degrees and speak two or more foreign languages. We strive for pleasant communication with all our clients.

Our services are fully operated in-house, where everybody is a team player. A good space to cultivate solutions and drive successful projects!

In our free time, we enjoy challenging ourselves and constantly adding new technologies and platforms to our “To Learn” list. In short passion for IT, Warmth and Friendship.


The only right way of doing business is being honest towards ourselves as a team, and towards our clients


The only right way of doing business is being honest towards ourselves as a team, and towards our clients

Trustworthiness impacts the development of every business relationship. Clients rely on our capability, capacity and efficiency to deliver results and to help them achieve the level of success they desire. The only true way of doing business the right way is being honest towards ourselves, as a team, and towards our clients.


Collection of proven practices through which you become the best version of yourself


"Collection of proven practices through which you become the best version of yourself"

We believe that perfect results are only achieved through excellence. That means continuous learning, constant improvement, individual and collective (team) evaluation. The way to grow and achieve the best version of ourselves as a team is to analyse, evaluate and learn from every project, client, scenario, experience. Only by constantly improving our services, our portfolio, our attitudes and mindsets towards our team, our clients and our partners can we really meet deadlines and expectations.


The ability to be responsible, transparent and accountable for the actions and results generated


"The ability to be responsible, transparent and accountable for the actions and results generated"

In our organization, we have several active components:

1. Every process is transparent and available for the client to witness, review and adjust;

2. Every team member involved in the process is responsible for his/her role and the skills required to deliver results;

3. The management is responsible for ensuring the proper tools, environments and resources in order to achieve the desired KPIs and results for every client and every project;

4. The organization as a whole is accountable for the outcome, respect and integrity of a project.

We have a full-time commitment towards clear vision and direction, creative problem solving processes, ability to change whenever time or scenario demands so, communicate in a transparent way and resolve any issues, independent of their nature (internal, external to the organization).


Willingness to progress, grow, be involved and continue in an activity


"Willingness to progress, grow, be involved and continue in an activity"

The members of our organization have developed a deeper understanding of what motivates them to continue. The individual traits of each member in our team contributes to the overall enthusiasm we manifest in our business projects. Intrinsic aspects (passion for the industries we are active in, constant learning, curiosity towards acquiring new skills, personality) of our team are combined with extrinsic factors (challenges, requirements for new skills or techniques, attitude towards project, communication, customer satisfaction, team work, flow) in order to meet & match expectations.

We have an ongoing commitment towards keeping our team motivated and our clients satisfied.

What we are good at

We develop, we make it famous and we secure it.

Blockchain Services

End to End Development Services

Online Marketing

Cyber Security

Ready to reach higher in business?

At BoostIT we make your online business be the first in top because online is the new now. If you have great ideas, but you don’t know how to make them work, we recommend you to book a meeting with our consultant. Your business is our priority. Let’s work together to make great things happen.

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