Tips for a successfully Christmas Marketing Campaign
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
November 15, 2016

There is so little time left until December strikes and the most beloved holiday knocks our doors and companies doors. As a buyer, you don’t have to worry about, but as a company, you have to pay attention and to think about something new this year because the people tastes change from year to year, so that a Christmas Marketing Campaign helps your business.


People won’t buy the same thing they bought last year. Why? Don’t focus just on grownups, but on their children too. They are the ones that dictates what the parents will buy.


December is known by all the people for that time of the year that we should be kind and warm, we should remind ourselves to be grateful for what he have and for the ones that are around us. I am not writing these words just to make a pompous introduction, I am trying to tell you what is the main point to touch when you start a Christmas marketing campaign: feelings.


Feelings are the ones that matter when you talk about a Christmas Marketing Campaign


You should not focus only on feelings, but you should have a strategy in mind when you start to work on a Christmas Marketing Campaign.

You should keep in mind that there are five points you should attain in your Christmas Marketing Campaign and I will show you how a marketing strategy on three months looks.


Christmas Marketing Campaign


5 important points to be attained in your Christmas Marketing Campaign


Why we need to know these things before we get started? Because you should have a clear picture about your customers behavior and you should get in touch with what your customers want. If this is something new for you and you consider that is the time to think about entering new markets, check our article here. 

  • When is the period of time when your customers are shopping?

To create a strong Christmas Marketing Strategy, you should know when your customers are able to spend their time to go to shopping.


You have to keep tabs on demographics groups:

38% of women spend their time on Christmas shopping before this magical holiday. Why? Because women are known to be more organized than men. They want to have all prepared long before.
10% of men spend their time on all Christmas shopping in December.

If many women want to have the December month free for other activities, men do their shopping at the eleventh hour.


  • Help your customers save money

    A discount or a “free shipping”  deal will make consumers to buy from you. Christmas is the expensive period of the year. Consumers have to buy food for Christmas Meal – and there is not about 3 people on the family, there is a huge possibility that one family would cook for three or four families because we know that Christmas is the holiday that reunite the whole family.

Statics says that 89% of people would buy a product if it has a free shipping deal attached.


Christmas Marketing Campaign


An extra level of insight from customers can be gained through surveys. It is important to have these information because, as a brand, you will find out which deals are more likely to encourage your consumers to buy from you.


In the end, the results is that you help your consumers to save some money and to get them close to you in order to buy again next year.


  • Know your customers behavior

    Did you know that last year 23% of Christmas shopping was done through a mobile phone? These days, there are many apps that let people to buy things via a mobile phone, so people are using more and more a smartphone or a tablet instead using the laptop or desktop.


Because we are living the times when the most part of the people are from Y Generation (20 – 35 years old), we must know that they are digital natives, so that they would definitely buy from an online store.


13% of people abandoned their online shopping if there was a problem on the platform or app they used, so you have to be sure that everything is going perfect on your online store or shop because you don’t want to lose your consumers.

  • Christmas spirit all over

    Ok, you found out when your consumers would buy – the period of time, you helped them to save some money and you got in touch with their online shopping behavior, but this is not all.


Christmas Marketing Campaign



Christmas spirit is the most powerful thing that you have to touch in you Christmas Marketing Campaign. Maybe you are prepared strategically and technically speaking, but you must show them that you love Christmas as much as they do.

45% of people will not buy from a store that doesn’t have nothing in common with Christmas. This big number shows you that in this period of time, people wants to buy feelings. So if you build a strong strategy for your Christmas Marketing Campaign, don’t forget about the feelings.


For more tips&tricks about a holiday marketing campaign, you should check this link. You will find interesting information and you can use it together with what you read in this article.


How a Christmas Marketing Strategy on three months looks


Christmas doesn’t mean just December. Some people start to buy the presents in November, and they continue to buy till January. So you have to think a Christmas Marketing Strategy on three months: November – December – September.



Shopping and Remarketing – shopping data combined with remarketing equals dynamic remarketing. It means that it is the perfect time to launch your new or rebranded products that people previously viewed on your online shop. Why to do that? Because you want people to have in mind your product and you want them to buy from you.


Don’t forget about Black Friday


You should use Keyword Planner to plan Black Friday budgets and to estimate search volume and cost per clicks. It is good for your website to have a landing page for Black Friday and to annouce people in time that this part of the year is near. According to statistics, 51% of people would buy the Christmas gift in this period of November.




November is the month when you can promote your expected best-sellers via search and shopping. You should also buy plus product keywords that should have a higher conversion rate.




You already hear the sound of the gingles, right? When December strikes in, people are in a rush and they buy a lot of presents and a lot of things because the time is limited from now on. There are people that prefer to buy the presents in December.


Give your ads an urgency and add a countdown. Why? Because you will urge your customers to buy now or never.

Christmas Marketing Campaign




The Christmas period is over, but the Christmas Marketing Campaign is not. There are a few people that still buy in January because they have to visit their siblings or friends and they want to give them something as a present.


Besides, you should maintain the Christmas spirit a little more and after that you can see how your sales worked.


As you can see, it’s not that easy but it’s not so hard to build a Christmas Marketing Campaign. You just have to work focused on your aim and you have to maintain the Christmas spirit all over. People want to buy feelings, in the end. Christmas is about feelings.



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