Our Approach

BoostIT HUB caters the needs of every single one of our clients. Our approach is simple and effective.

First, we identify the solutions that best address the client’s product or request. This usually happens through transparent communication, proper understanding of the situation no matter how small and complete detail intuition.

Then, we set the appropriate tools and environments so that our developers and project managers can be productive and efficient in the development process. Our clients have fully transparent access to the processes and procedures we use. At any given time, the client can access what we are working on, can add comments, discuss and not just witness, but also be included in the project development.

Once the solutions are implemented and the product is released, we promote and handle the marketing aspects. Again, the client has full transparency and can interfere at any given time with questions, suggestions, comments through our Project Management and Communication tools.

Our experience encourages us to take things even further and not stop where most IT&C providers do. Specifically, we crafted distinct solutions through which we protect you. Our most up-to-date security features are aimed at enhancing the safety and security of your product. Simply put, we have your back, from start to finish.

Our services include:

  • Development Solutions
  • Online Marketing Solutions
  • Online Security
  • Custom Skills Easy to Integrate in Any Project at Any Given Time

Tools and Environments

Tools and environments are a significant part in the overall success of a project. We believe that without proper project management and ways to interact with our clients, the success is only half met. That is why we created an ecosystem which not only helps the client have full transparent access to what happens “behind the curtains”, but also creates a solid partnership.
How does this exactly work? While the Internet offers freedom and flexibility, we cannot leave our clients in the dark. We like to include and involve them in the process, so they can see with their own eyes how “the magic” happens, even when we cannot meet face to face. This allows the client to make any early adjustments or requests while getting a clear sense of return on investment, and allows us to save valuable time in the development process by being productive, efficient and clearly meeting expectations.
The tools we use for microtask management, project management and client communication are Trello, Jira, Asana and Pivotal Tracker. Continuous integration is done through the use of Jenkins and TeamCity. The development part is addressed with Vagrant virtual machines and, when Vagrant footprint is too large or requirements are custom (i.e. cluster architecture), we team up with Docker containers. This enables every developer in our team to access his/her own machine in a system similar to a live system.
All our tools and environments combined create the proper online ecosystem for an improved team performance and customer experience.

Communication Channels

We previously noted just how important communication is to us. We regularly use several channels to ensure smooth communication between our customers and our team. This allows us to be in touch with the client every step of the way and to identify any changes the client wishes to make.  Enabling us to save time and resources, and to redirect them exactly where they are needed. We use a combination of tools and services as part of our communication cycle:

  1. Email and Written e-correspondence
  2. Skype Conference calls, Join.me or Hangouts (voice & video)
  3. Slack and additional messaging tools
  4. Trello Boards*
  5. Agile Methodologies and Processes (Scrum, Kanban)**

*Each customer is considered as an active member of our team and receives an invitation to use a custom Trello Board. The Trello Board is adapted with different flows based on project needs. Communication is additionally done through cards, comments and notifications. We always update the cards so that both parties (customer and execution team) can get a clear status on the development of the project.

** When the client or project requires, we use Scrum and Kanban agile framework for project management in our engineering practices. The end result is a faster, more effective way for our team to work together with our clients, through continuous collaboration, ongoing learning and improvement of workflow.
Scrum is well renowned for its simplicity and long proven productivity. Scrum allows the “product owner” to work with our dev team in identifying and prioritizing product backlogs, which contain essential information for the successful delivery of a working system (i.e. bug fixes, features, non-functional requirements etc.).
We use the Kanban agile methodology in continual delivery processes, by managing product creation without overburdening our development team. Kanban also helps us in three major ways: a) to get proper visualization of workflow, b) to limit the work in progress, by balancing the team’s productivity and deliverability approach, c) to enhance the overall flow.


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Our Skills

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