13 Steps on how to Write a Quality SEO article
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
October 18, 2016

Even if 13 sounds unlucky, I assure you will have all the luck in the world and you will be a SEO jedi if you follow these steps I wrote it for you. Now, 13 is your lucky number. This is your chance to learn how to write a quality SEO article.

I bet many of you wanted at some point in your life to learn SEO and to know this magic world of quality content writing.

SEO content is not as hard as it sounds. Maybe you’ve written till now a few articles, maybe you already are an SEO jedi, but a boost of information never hurt anybody.

So, in this article I will share with you 13 steps about how to write quality SEO content. Do you have an idea for an article? Boost it by following these magic rules.

I just picked for you the most important rules and all you have is to take a piece of paper and start taking notes while I am explaining to you how to manage better this universe of letters, words and messages in online.

But you don’t have to feel like you’re in class and you are listening to your teacher. We are two friends talking.

We will follow together the steps that lead you to your SEO jedi status. Trust me, it’s easy if you pay attention to me and if you apply these rules exactly how I will learn you. You’ll see that is both useful and funny because I put some memes in the article. So we are learning by having fun.

Do you know what we have in common? You and me? The fact that I was like you at first and I had to learn. You will be like me now if you follow the rules.


So, let’s learn together!

How to write a quality SEO article


Step 1 – Keywords in your title

It’s good because you’ll help the search engine to put your text among the articles on the first page. If you do it well, your website could be even the first link on the first page.

It’s good for your online reputation. It’s good when people will click your website first. If you will write good content, you can remain their first choice anytime. I made you a picture as an example. I used this article wrote by me to be simple for you.

Use keywords in the title


Step 2 – The keywords you want to optimize should be in the first paragraph of the article

Because you want your website to be the best and on the first page. And I think there are no more explanations to give. It’s simple that if you use keywords wisely, you will improve your image on the search engines.

Keywords in the first paragraph of the article

Think that you have to conquer the search engines. For this you need keywords.


Step 3 – More than 500 words

You should be patient if you want a good article. Write more than 500 words. Because you have to give your readers more details.

If you give the people more details, they will stay on your page and will not be tempted to search other websites just to be sure your information is true. Give them all details to make them sure you are true.

Step 4 – Focus on a single topic

In other words: be clear about what you want to tell the people.

People, these days, don’t want to overthink on a subject. They want the information to be clear, they want to stay on a single topic when they read about something. So choose a single topic and make it blossom.

P.S. A quality SEO article depends on these 13 steps. As you see, the fourth step is about writing on a single subject. Please make sure you make yourself clear and not confuse your readers like The Most Interesting Man in the World does.

Step 5 – Put yourself in the article

Now you chose your topic, try to write about it in your own unique voice. There is no need to worry about this, you have a manner to express yourself. Use it in writing. Use your own voice.

Step 6 – Originality is the key to success

You have a topic. You already know how to write it, the manner in which you present your thoughts, but maybe you need an example or something like this to help you in your article.

After you read it, don’t copy – paste it on your website. Use that unique voice of you and create an original content that will make you be proud of yourself. People appreciate originality.

If your article is not original, they won’t come anymore on your website or blog.  

Originality is the key to success


You don’t want to be a reposter. You have to be the king of SEO writing! 


Step 7 – Select a structure you want to use it to write the article

We are far away from the first step and I can tell you that you will be an extraordinary SEO writer and you will provide quality SEO content… but only if you have a strong structure.

The structure is important to keep you organized. An organized article will keep people on your page more than a couple of minutes. They will come again, and again.

Nobody wants to read an unclear article.

I put here an image that will show you the most important structures you can use when you write an article.

12 structures for a quality SEO article


Step 8 – A healthy keyword density

A quality SEO article has a keyword density between 2.5%  – 5%. Make sure you introduce the keywords in your text once at 100 or 150 words.

A keyword once at a 100 or 150 words keeps the search engine close to your website.

Because it’s important to check your keywords density I will give you three websites that can help you:

Step 9 – Keep it simple to stay classy a.k.a Plain writing works better

If you just put on your desk a stack of English books and dictionaries, it means you have to write a formal article on a specific academic topic, or you just don’t know your target.

In any case, you should keep it simple. You want quality content on your website or blog and it doesn’t  mean the reader should read your article with a dictionary in his hand.

Readers become scanners. Scanners want to read quickly, to go through the text and keep the main ideas.

As we know from Princess Diana, plain and simplicity are the best. Sure, she referred to ways of dress yourself, but we have to put some clothes on a message using words. So use simple words for a better feedback.

P.S. The reality is that you want the people to understand what you write, not to get stuck in words and phrases and then click the little “X” box on the left corner to get out of the website.

Step 10 – Format the text to be friendly for the readers

As I already said at Step 9, most of the people actually scan the article, they don’t read it anymore. There are a few people that read the whole article, but we are dealing with a lot of scanners these days. So let’s write for them! Let’s give them what they need!

This should not stop you from writing quality SEO content. I will give you 4 pieces of advice to help both the readers and the scanners.

  • Short Sentences/ Paragraphs 

A paragraph should be 6 lines long and a sentence should be 25 words long.

  • Use subheading/ Content Blocks

I suggest you to use descriptive subheadings, not unclear, vague or clever headlines. Be kind with the scanners.

Did you know that 80% of people read the headlines and just 20% read the rest of your content?

If you have a long article, use different background colors to show a separation between the sections. This will help a lot your readers, even if they are truly readers or just scanners.

  • Clear font

We both know that when we read content written in large font we are more relaxed. We read it without any effort and we stay focused on the text.

If the lines have space between them is easy to keep up with the text.

Colors, also, and contrast means so much when our eyes make contact with the article and the website.

So I will share with you some tips:

  • Use large font in your article if you want it to be a quality SEO article: 14 – 16px should be the right choice;
  • If there is more space between two lines of text, you can be sure your scanner will come back on your website for another article. Aim for 24px space.
  • Contrast is the key. Make a background that should not be hard for the eyes, and for the text use a color that matches the background.
  • For the font, sans serif is easier to be read online.
  • High cognitive fluency

If you want your reader understand the text, use words and phrases that are familiar to your audience. Use basic words.

Know your target first!

Step 11 – Visuals make the difference

Even if you made an excellent work, you wrote simple, used short sentences and paragraphs and used your unique voice, a quality SEO article should contain visuals.

By visuals I mean images, videos, charts or anything that help people understand better what you wanted to say.

The visuals should be beautiful and catchy for the eye because this will help your article to be clicked on social networks and the to be shared.

We all know that visual learning is the best option for many of us. Why not use it in our article? Why not make them come back on the website because we give them something clear and catchy? Easy to understand.

If you want to add something funny, add memes. We live in 2016. We know that memes are all over the internet – those pictures with funny messages. I also used them in my article.

People are in love with these. They will find your article funny and they will share it on social media.

Don’t be afraid to use the things that at first sight seem too childish. We live now in the memes era, so update and upgrade yourself.

Step 12 – Don’t stop the edit!

As the song says, “Don’t stop the party!”, we shouldn’t stop the editing process. Don’t let your first draft be on your website. The content will look better at a second or third draft.

But this is not something fixed. You should write how many drafts you want until you are sure the content is your best work.

I wrote movie scripts and I am telling you that the first draft is not what you want to tell the people. The first draft is not you entirely. Only if you edit your article and make some drafts, and work hard on it, only then you will write quality SEO content.

Step 13 – Update your website continuously

If you are in this, you should not stop to post articles on your website or blog.

We are at the last step. We know how to start, how to put the text in the page to be friendly for the readers eye and mind. We know that we have to put ourselves in the text. But that is not all.

We must give them something new. Everyday! They want a reason to come back on your website.

They already know that you are the best in writing SEO content, but if you don’t update the page, they won’t come back.

If you think that once a week is ok, let me tell that you already lost your readers. A good part of them. You should post articles daily. You must give them fresh information to keep them on your page.

So, if you are good at writing and now you are an SEO jedi, don’t stop at it. Be more than an SEO jedi: be their main source of information.

Update your website continuously

At the end of the article, let’s resume what we learned today.

A quality SEO article needs:

  • keywords in the title – check the picture for the step 1;
  • main keywords in the first paragraphcheck the picture for the step 2;
  • to be longer than 500 words;
  • a single topic/ subjectcheck the meme (because is funny);
  • the writer’s unique voice;
  • originality;
  • a structureread the structures in the picture and choose the one that fits better for your article;
  • keywords densitythose three websites should help you;
  • plain writing;
  • friendly formattingif you like what you see in this article is because of formatting process;
  • visualsI also used memes because you don’t want to give the people boring information (make them laugh a little);
  • edit before share ityou can be sure this is not the first draft;
  • a website that is continuously updatedkeep an eye on the page to see fresh information.

You have to keep in mind that people need information about everything all the time. Even the most common topic that goes through your mind can be an article subject.

People needs information about everything. Use this and start to write your articles. But if you want to be the first in their options, or even their first and main option, you have to learn some SEO.

I was new in this field. Just like you. I learned that all you want to do needs hard work. I told myself I can. And now, let me tell you that you can and you will be the best in this if you take into consideration my pieces of advice.

I wrote this article for you and for the people that stay now in front of their laptop or PC and look for rules for creating SEO content.

As you can see, there are 13 simple rules that will make you feel lucky if you use them. Don’t be afraid of SEO content. Follow the rules and give them a work of art not a simple article.

Give them quality SEO articles. Be the painter of your thoughts! 


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