BoostIT HUB launches Boost Your Startup
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
January 30, 2017

Being a startup leader is not as easy as many people think it is. You have to work hard and you have to think always at the next step you have to do. You have to picture carefully an image about your company and you have to set your objectives. Once you reach that points, you have to think at the next ones. 


Startups have had three serious problems over the years:


  1. It is hard to get access to capital;
  2. They are looking for a possibility to build a healthy strong relationship with the media;
  3. They want to bring in as many new users for the company as possible.


Seeing these and listening to their problems, we thought to come in their help by launching BoostYourStartup platform for all startup leaders from all over the Europe. A platform that can offer you access to information about programs and competitions where you can participate and you can win money to improve and boost your existing startup.


What does it mean BoostYourStartup?


BoostYourStartup is a platform that facilitates the access to all the information you need about programs like Pitch your Startup and Fit 4 Start. BoostYourStartup wants to be a direct link in between startups and opportunities for them.


Pitch your Startup is a competition where you have 3 minutes and 33 seconds to present your company. You will get 2 minutes for Q&A, the jury being composed of Docler Holding people and experts from the Luxembourg ICT field. The winner goes home with 50.000 euro to boost his startup.


Fit for Start offers early-stage funding and coaching to ICT start-ups in Luxembourg. The program helps you develop a prototype of your product and learn how to test it with your first clients. You also get support with presenting your company to investors and contacts with other actors supporting start-ups.


Why should I join BoostYourStartup platform?


  • All is short and simple: fill in the form with your name, email address and startup website URL;
  • Your application will be seen by programs organizers all over the Europe;
  • We are a professional team with a startup background;
  • We are directly linked to funders and competitions organizers.


How can I register on BoostYourStartup platform?


To get in touch with the information and the professional support we offer, you have to register on BoostYourStartup. The registration process takes so little time and is totally free. You have to complete the form with your name, your email address, and your startup website URL. You will see the form when you access BoostYourStartup platform. 






Join Boost Your Startup and get in touch with valuable information and professional support! 



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