Facebook Messenger Chatbots – what, why, how?
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
October 03, 2017

Chatbots. Sounds so technically and way too far from the Marketing Department. Well, it’s not true. Chatbots can help your Marketing Department more than you would think. In fact, it’s not mandatory to have a Marketing Department to use Chatbots. If you have a business and it works very good, you need somebody to answer your customers’ questions. Hence, a Chatbot could be the one that you need.


So let’s open the doors of the Chatbots world and look inside to find what a Chatbot is, what are the benefits of having Chatbots, how a Chatbot works, and how you could build yourself a Chatbot for your business.


Chatbots – what they are?


Chatbots are just services that mimic conversations with people. Interesting? Let me go on with the info.


They mimic the conversations with the people in order to interact with them. Imagine they would talk with your customers for you. Even though you won’t be at the computer, listening to the customers’ questions, a chatbot will be there listening and answering. So that, you could be in a meeting, you could work on papers and projects without problems because a chatbot will talk to your customers.


Chatbots can be integrated with e-commerce platforms, hence you can monetize your social media accounts. We all know that a company or a brand must maintain a very strong online presence. So, turning back to what I said when I started the article: do you still think that chatbots have nothing to do with Marketing? I thought so.


What are the benefits of having Chatbots?


There are a lot of benefits of using and having Chatbots, but let me tell you something about 4 of them. The most important ones.


1 – User Engagement;


2 – Your silent worker that is there 24/7 for your business;


3 – This is the trend now;


4 – Data and metrics ;




Let’s talk a little about each of them.


1 – User Engagement


Have you ever noticed that less and less customers write you on email what they want from you? Have you noticed that your phone calls are so little these months? Did you see that your chatbox on Facebook is full of messages? Yes. Because customers prefer this way: “let’s write him or her on the Facebook Page. Because it takes less time, we don’t need to think about a formal content, and maybe we will get an answer in a short time.”


Let’s focus on the main terms here: less time, not a formal content, short time. So people wants something now and quickly without putting much effort on the tone of the message.


Why? Because most of the B2C communication channels just lost their spark. Messaging apps replace emails and phone calls.


Using a chatbot, you will take all your customers’ messages without spending hours and days on that. People will be happy that they get a response now and quickly and they will recommend you to their friends.


2 – Your silent worker that is there 24/7 for your business


Who in this world doesn’t want to have a 24/7 employee that works without mistake? There you will have it. A chatbot will be able to do that. While your human employees finish their work at 5 PM in the evening, your Chatbot will stay and will work continuously taking the messages, responding to questions and maintain your brand communication. And it doesn’t say anything. He is silent and you probably won’t notice its presence.


3 – This is the trend now


Because it’s new, people will want it. How many times have you heard this: “Oh, we live in this era and this brand/business doesn’t take our messages like now? Everybody has that something that is always there to respond. They are old. Let’s check the next business in this area. I don’t want to work with an outdated business and I am not sure I want to buy from an outdated online store.”


Yes, this is true. People take these small details into consideration because they feel that you don’t care enough for your business or for them if you are not updated to the new technology.


4 – Data and metrics 


Sounds a little bit complicated, but let me show you it’s not complicated at all. Chatbots can measure the data and the metrics. Actually, they don’t have this feature, but you can use them to get in touch with the data you need to grow and optimize your business.


How do Chatbots work?


Let’s go further in this Chatbot world and see how Chatbots actually work.


First of all, there are two types of Chatbots:


1 – The Rules Chatbots;

2 – The AI Chatbots.


The Rules Chatbots are those chatbots based on rules and are somehow limited. They only respond to specific commands and they require advanced programming knowledge. And not all of us know how to deal with this area.


The AI Chatbots are powered by Artificial Intelligence and they are much more dynamic. They respond to language and you don’t need a degree in development to build one for your business.





What is the best option for my business?


The best option for your business is an AI Chatbot. Because AI Chatbots are the most advanced Chatbots. AI or Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more popular. The AI Chatbot doesn’t require you to have high developing skills, but you have to make sure that it works properly all the time.


Other Benefits of Building a Chatbot


1 – Generates leads;

2 – The buyer’s journey will be simpler;

3 – Customer experience will increase customer satisfaction;

4 – Content will be distributed through messaging apps;

5 – Based on user feedback and user interest, the Chatbot will deliver targeted content.


How great sound all of these?

How do you build your own Chatbot?


First of all, you need to set some points you want to reach. I mean, who in this world start to build something without having goals and expectations? You need to set your goals and expectations for your Chatbot.


If you have all of these, you can create something great without any mistake.


Then find an online tool that could help you. Because, as I said before, you won’t start to code and build complex Chatbots when there are simpler ways to do it.


Let’s see a list of tools&apps that could help you, and then we will choose one of them and we will talk about how to build a Chatbot using a specific app.


1 – ChattyPeople – the most wanted;


3 – Botsify;

4 – Chatfuel;

5 – Facebook Messenger Platform;

6 – Telegram Bots.


Ok. This is a short list and I am sure there are many more apps that could help you. Let’s take ChattyPeople and see what is all about.


How do you build your Chatbot using ChattyPeople?


1 – Set up a free account;

2 – Find him a name – he is your future employee, so you have to find him a unique, beautiful name that would stay in your customers’ mind.

3 – Give your customers hints on how to start a conversation with your Chatbot;

4 – Mimic a natural conversation flow – by doing this you will help your chatbots to be super effective when your consumer will ask questions about your business.

5 – Your Chatbot should be smart enough to impress your consumers – your Chatbot is your business new face. With a catchy name and a clever mind, your consumers will be really impressed.

6 – Optimize your Chatbot continuously.







A Chatbot will be the best option you could have for maintaining your company image in online. A Chatbot is the best to improve your customer experience and customer satisfaction. And as you saw, it’s not so hard to build one. Just keep the steps in your mind and focus on your goals and expectations.


If you will ask again “why should I do this”, let me remind you the benefits and then you will try and you will see that I was right:


1 – User Engagement;


2 – Your silent worker that is there 24/7 for your business;


3 – This is the trend now;


4 – Data and metrics driven;


5 – Generates leads;


6 – The buyer’s journey will be simpler;


7 – Customer experience will increase customer satisfaction;


8 – Content will be distributed through messaging apps;


9 – Based on user feedback and user interest, the Chatbot will deliver targeted content.


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