FootballCoin – a game created by Romanians based on blockchain and funded with Bitcoin
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
July 17, 2017

The Online Marketing department of BoostIT HUB, headed by Silviu Istrate, our Chief Commercial Office, worked on an ICO launching campaign for FootballCoin.


80% of the tokens from the ICO were sold for 1,077 Bitcoin, about $ 2.7 million, at the average Bitcoin price of the last month.

This ICO campaign success got media attention and wanted to talk with us about our project. You will find an interview on about FootballCoin where Silviu Istrate talked about the platform, the project, and about the XFCCOIN – the virtual coin used in the game.


First of all, you should know that our client – FootballCoin – provides a platform where you can play and manage a football team, collect football players cards and earn money. This is FootballCoin: a Football Fantasy game with collectible cards. 




Silviu explained in the interview how can you buy the collectible cards:


“XFC Coin is integrated into the Football Coin platform and you can earn it by participating in the contests in the game, creating competitions to which other users may participate, and the coin can be used to purchase collectible cards. For example, Messi is worth 100,000 XFCs Coin and only about 4,000 cards are issued.”


Silviu clarified that ICO means Initial Coin Offering and it is not the same with crowdfunding:

ICO is not crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is the method of financing start-ups in the traditional economy. Companies that make use of such a system produce tangible products and services. ICO is a Form of start-up finance in the digital economy and comes with a new economic model. A coin issued in our XFC Coin case, based on blockchain, allows users to have full ownership of the coins and to the collectible cards.



But the project doesn’t stop at this point. In August this year, FootballCoin will be officially launched at a global level and BoostIT will work on the online marketing launching campaign to assure the success of the project.


These being said, we invite you all to create an account on the FootballCoin platform and play the game like you are a real football manager.


All the interview, in English, on


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