Tinder for LinkedIn – Connect with your mentor
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
August 08, 2017

We all know something about the social platform called LinkedIn. We all know that you can register on LinkedIn, you can create a great profile and then you have higher chances to get a great job. It’s simple: upload a professional picture if you can or simply choose a decent picture of yours, create a great and creative description, add your experience history in your profile, and if you have some certificates, you will be on your way to an interesting job. LinkedIn now offers you the opportunity to find your mentor through their service that could be the Tinder of working field.


If on Tinder you look for the one who matches your profile and you can go out on a date with the person you match, the new LinkedIn service will help you find your mentor. Tinder for LinkedIn doesn’t have a specific name yet, but we could easily call it LinkedIn Tinder for getting a mentor. In my opinion, the new service that LinkedIn provides is really useful. Think about all of the people that look for a job or look for someone to guide their career.





The new LinkedIn service will help people to get in touch with the ones that can really help their future. How does it work? Simple. LinkedIn gives you a list of mentors and you can swipe through the list to find out that one mentor you want. LinkedIn will build a list taking into consideration your interests, the groups you follow, and your previous career. For mentors, there are options about what they would prefer to mentor.


Techcrunch says that:


On the mentee side, after you indicate that you are interested in getting some advice or feedback on a particular topic, LinkedIn then gives you your own potential parameters to narrow down your search (again, initially these are whether you want people near you, or from your alma mater), or if you potentially want a list of potential mentors that is as wide as LinkedIn’s user base.

Once you match, you can then message each other, and either side can terminate the communication at any point.


The best part of this LinkedIn service is that it’s completely free. You don’t have to pay anything to make use of it.


You can read more in the entire article dedicated to the new service that LinkedIn offers. You can find the article here.


If you want to become a mentor and you don’t know what you need to be a good one, there is an infographic with tips&tricks that can help you:



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