Video content marketing – Build a successful content marketing strategy – Part II
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
June 07, 2017

In the last article I presented you what makes a strong Call-to-Action (CTA) and I gave you 8 tips about building it. In this article we will talk about how to build a strong video content marketing strategy.


As I said in the previous article, content marketing strategy depends on your CTA, on your video content and on your written content. These three are interdependent. You cannot build your content marketing strategy and your marketing strategy without them.


If you don’t have them is like you want to build a house but you don’t have wood, bricks, and tools to actually build it. In other words, if you don’t have them you have nothing. But if you have all of them but you don’t know how to build it is the same: you can’t do anything. That’s why we should see how to build a strong video content marketing strategy.

What are the main points that will be touched in this article:

1 – Why do you need video content in your content marketing strategy

2 – What’s the value proposition of the video content marketing

3 – How does a video content marketing works

4 – How to get the most from video content investment



Why do you need video content in your content marketing strategy?


There are 10 important reasons why you need to use video marketing in your content marketing strategy.


1 – First of all, SEO


Everywhere in the online world you will see this three letters word that means so much for your online business. If you add video content to your website, it will increase your chances to hit the first page of Google results more than 53 times.


Video content should be one of the first things you think of when you say content marketing plan.


2 – Stronger Consumer Attention


People pay more attention to a video than to a long text. This doesn’t mean that you have to cut the text off. This means that you have to build your entire content using a combination of video and written content.


Is proven that video demands more consumer attention than any other source of content.



3 – Higher engagement


If we talk about a text, audiences will read it, they will like it, but probably half of them will share it. People are about more likely to engage or share a video content than an article.


video content



4 – More video-favored technology


The increase consumption of video content resulted in the fact that technologies and production are leaning more and more towards favoring the video marketer.


5 – Greater Optimization Opportunities


Video can be measured by click-through rate, drop-off points, or the number of times watched. As you can see in this statistics article here.


6 – Higher retention rates


You need to know, before you start to create video content for your marketing campaign, that only 65% of the viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video. This is more than we can say about the written content.


7 – Better email click-through


If you use video in your email marketing strategy you will see a double click-through rates.


8 – Rise in accessibility


The production of a great video content has become more affordable in the past years, so you should use this without thinking so much at the large costs. 


video content


9 – Stronger emotional connections


Using video in your online marketing strategy is about touch the feelings of your audience. Sometimes, there are moments when you need to grab your audience attention and written content can’t do this all the time.


In a video content you will find elements like the tone of voice, facial expressions, and maybe music that can influence your state of mind and later your decisions. Why do I say later? You may not feel the immediate need to buy a product or a service, but you will likely buy later because the video you saw will play later in a more subtle and subconscious way.


10 – Increased Customer Conversions


Video converts more customers. 71% of marketers say that video conversions rates outperform other marketing content.




What’s the value proposition of the video content marketing


1 – You can create a long video or a short one. You can choose from a 6 seconds video, a full-length documentary, or a film.


2 – A video can be presented as the main course or can be served as a pre-roll advertising appetizer.


3 – A video can thrive in any content platform – your website, blog, or other owned channels in emails; on third-party video sites like Youtube, or inside SlideShare presentations and webinars.


4 – Video content marketing is a good method to talk to your audience through a product that can be consumed on both the desktop and mobile environments.


5 – A video can be repacked, you give it a different purpose, you can republish it in conjunction with your other relevant content efforts.


A video can be the best thing you could invest in when you think about your content marketing strategy or even at your marketing campaign. The decision to create video content should be one of the most important goals in your content marketing strategy.



How does a video content marketing work?

Why is so important these days to create video content for your marketing strategy?


First of all, you should know that a video marketing can drive brand interest and awareness. Using a video marketing in your content marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to offer a unique and entertaining experience that helps your viewers to make a positive, memorable association with the brand you have built up.


I keep telling myself that video is the next step to an impressive marketing campaign, no matter what you want to sell. I read many articles on these subject and I concluded that video content is more than written content. If you ask me, that I a content marketer, I will tell you that video marketing will be the king in a few years. Despite the fact that video cannot survive without written content, it will be an important part in your marketing strategy, more important than written content.


video content


And it’s not about the fact that you can’t create anymore quality written content, but because people will want fast information, presented in a funny manner, much more simple to assimilate your message.


You can raise awareness of an important social cause or on an important community issue by creating a short film. How cool is that? Besides creativity, you need a good strategy and lot of work and the result will show you how powerful a simple video can be.


Do you need more ideas? How about a behind-the-scenes video? People want more and more this kind of video content and they will be pleased to see something like this.



How to get the most from video investment?


There is a tight competition when we think about video content. Many brands use video content in their content marketing strategy, but not for all the brands this works great. Why? Because you have to keep in mind 9 steps that will help you to get the most from your investment in video content.


It is not enough just to pay for video content services and wait for the results. Even a part of your content marketing strategy needs a strategy to work as you wish and to be efficient.


1 – You should invest in the process, not just in the product


What role will play the video in your content marketing strategy? Have you ever thought about this? Set it and after this, you can start investing in the process of your video content. Think about the production process, the brand story – what do you want to express, what your audience will get from your video content you will provide.


2 – Always have in mind your end goal


The success of a video stays in views and likes. I would say that is not quite true. A viral video will measure its success in views, shares, and likes on social media, but your video content campaign will measure its success by the action your audience will take after seeing the video.  


Set your goal and stick to it.


3 – You will need a script for your audience


Make all your content be a conversation. Me, when I leave the office and I am not a content marketer, I spend my little spare time reading article about content marketing and automotive. When I feel a conversational tone, I feel more comfortable, I feel I am there with the speaker and in the middle of the information. Sometimes, I tend to reply because a conversational tone makes you to feel about yourself that you are a part of the video content marketing or of the written content marketing.


So, now we are talking about the video content marketing. Make it simple for your audience and give them a video that has a script behind. Writing first you will see if you use the good terms. You can write and then you can change something to make your video understandable for your audience.


4 – Set the stage for social networks


This means you have to know your audience and what are the social networks where they like to spend their time. Knowing these about your audience will help you create relevant video content and post it where your readers will search for it.


5 – Help search engines to find you by using a transcript


Video content is not indexed very well as the written content, yet. That’s why you need to create a transcript of your information from the video content in order to make it more simple for you to have SEO by your side.


6 – Push your content videos


Make a print screen of your video content and attach it to the newsletter you want to send to your mailing list. Put some parts of the video on the Facebook, as a trailer or a teaser. Keep your audience in touch with all the video content you produce.

At the end of the article, let’s see a documentary about the history of the content marketing. It will tell you more about the evolution of the content than I could tell you in some paragraphs. And is more entertaining to watch than to read.


Enjoy and don’t forget to add video to your content marketing strategy:



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