Web Development Company vs. Freelancer: What should you choose?
Posted by Carmen Zanfir
May 18, 2017

These days there are a lot of freelancers who are glad to work for you. There are some top websites that help freelancers to get in touch with entrepreneurs from all over the world and vice versa. They don’t ask for too much money, that’s why many people choose to hire a freelancer to work with than to work with a web development company.


Sometimes works well this way, but sometimes you need more than a freelancer, especially if we are talking about web development and building a website. There is a competition between web development company and freelancers and we know that this is a very controversial subject in the current web development industry. First of all, let’s find out what each of the terms mean. Let’s start with web development.

What does Web Development mean?


Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or Internet. The Web development process includes Web design, Web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, taking into consideration the owner’s requirements. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup.

Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex Web-based applications, social network applications, and electronic business applications.

The Web development hierarchy is as follows:

  • Client-side coding;
  • Server-side coding;
  • Database technology.

There are 3 kind of web developer specialization:

  • Front-End Developer;
  • Back-End Developer;
  • Full Stack Developer.


Web development is also known as website development.


web development company


What does Freelancer mean?


Freelancers are often considered to be self-employed, and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to be associated with. Nearly every type of service a business would need could be provided by a freelancer, including, but not limited to, marketing, such as social media marketing, copywriting, and publicity, writing, such as articles and blog posts, technological support, such as web programming and design, creative works such as graphic design, and financial support, such as bookkeeping.


A common profession for freelancing is developing; a web developer then has the ability to submit their work to many different places, without being tied to any one company in particular.


Pros and Cons of working with a freelancer




  1. Is less expensive;
  2. Is great when you need some help or small tasks in your web developing job.




  1. Even if we know that there are plenty of freelancers that have imagination and skills, they don’t have them as a group, or a team from a company;
  2. You have no guarantee that your project will be finished on time as you asked;
  3. No Quality Assurance skills;
  4. The continuity of the project is not possible if the freelancer become unavailable;
  5. You need an emergency plan if you barely know the freelancer you hired;
  6. Availability is limited or not existent in some many cases.


Pros and Cons of working with a web development company




  1. Multiple Teams and Skills involved based on client needs;
  2. Offers customer satisfaction guarantee;
  3. Quality Assurance processes and specialists in the team;
  4. Knowledge, skills, and experience in the field;
  5. Internal standard operating procedures;
  6. It is more aware of current web trends and the latest technology;
  7. You benefit of a full team of developers, designers, and online marketing specialists;
  8. You can meet them for a face-to-face talk about what you need;
  9. You don’t need an emergency plan because the team will be always available for your project once you hire them – your project become their priority;
  10. They know very well to work under pressure and they respect always their deadlines.




  1. A bit more expensive than a Freelancer choice, depending on the complexity of the project but it worth all the money to be sure that you will receive a custom web product over your met expectations.


What should you choose: a web development company or a freelancer?


Both options work fine, but have you ever thought that a freelancer can’t provide all the services you need when you start thinking to build a website? Besides web development technical challenges that require strong technical skills, you will need online marketing services that include content marketing, SEO, and so on. Of course, you can find a freelancer for each of these services, but will they work together to provide the best results possible?


A web development company will always provide you a specialist for each needed service to build your website and make it visible on search engines.


You should definitely choose a web development company, but let’s find out the reasons why this would be the best choice. A comparison between working with a web development company and a freelancer would help you better to understand why is safe and better to choose a web development company.  


Points you have to touch before choosing who you will work with: a web development company or a freelancer



  1. Vision of the product



The vision of your product is the concept of how your website will look like. The vision can be also the purpose of your website. Why do you need to build this website? Will you sell things or it will be your personal blog that helps you in the personal branding process? Who will be your target market? How will you earn revenue? How will you optimize and increase the revenue?


Maybe for many of you, these are questions that you have never asked yourselves. Maybe all you know is that you need a website, but these questions are mandatory for the quality of your website.


A web development company will know you need to know all the questions and all the answers to build a quality website. A web development company can help you because there you will find specialists that would develop your website functionality according to your needs, find technical solutions or develop automation features to optimize conversions, run data mining processes or can help you when it comes to online marketing services like PPC, SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, UX and CRO, Website Brand Setup and Design.


web development company


In a web development company, web development department and online marketing department will work in parallel to build your website: in the time your website is built, online marketing department set a marketing strategy for your future product. After the website is done, online marketing will provide you content to put your product on the first page on Google.


If you work with a freelancer, the website building process will take so much time because you work with one man or a few that has to do the work of an entire company. Your advantage is that you will pay lesser than you have to pay a web development company. But let me ask you something: do you want to pay less and not to have a quality product at the end?


  1. The complexity of the project


Maybe you will want a website or maybe you will want an application. A project is built of some standard stages:


  • Analysis and planning;
  • Design;
  • Development;
  • Development;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Deployment, support, and maintenance.


A web development company will have a specialist for each of these steps. It will be much easier for a company to build what you want and to provide a quality product on time.


A freelancer can’t be expert in everything, will have limited resources and if you choose to work with a freelancer, you need to hire as many as services you need.


  1. Prices and budget


A web development company or a freelancer? All I can tell you is that you should not accept the cheapest offer. Some people often associates web development agencies with big numbers, but if you make a little research you will find out that there are contractors and agencies that don’t have prices as big as you think. With a careful research and the willing to do something great, you will find the best web development company for you.


A freelancer will offer you his work at a lower price. An original quality product will always be more expensive and you will see that it will worth it.


web development company


Companies are always ready to provide you with all necessary services: from design to deployment and promotion.


If you have a limited budget though, a web development company is still the best choice. A company could plan your budget and it will spend it with maximum efficiency.


  1. Project management skills needed


Web development agencies will offer you a specialist with project management. He guides the work of the team, keeps the eyes on your budget and makes sure that the team will deliver on time, quality and keeping you updated with reports on what has been done.


If you work with a freelancer, you will have to do the job of a project manager and maybe you don’t have the skills for it. Hence, you will spend much time on guiding the freelancer.


Besides these four important points that you have to take into consideration, you have to think about four factors that will give you the answer to your question: Do I need a web development company or should I hire a freelancer?



  • Technology: a web development company always works with the latest apps and uses the latest technology to make sure about the quality of the product. A freelancer doesn’t have access always to the latest tech and apps. You should take this into consideration and work with the one who can give you the best results;




  • Services: as I said above, while a freelancer is specialized on a single service – programming or developing – a web development company can provide you other services that can be a plus for your website;




  • Efficiency: a web development company means a team of people that works hard to deliver the best results and a quality product. They use time efficiently and they are always guided by a project manager that will make sure that the project is developed in the terms and conditions asked by you. In a web development company is always a Quality Assurance specialist that will ensure the quality of the product.



The choice is all yours when you will think who you will work with. You can hire a freelancer or you can hire a web development company. Both works well, but if you have a big project with a great importance you should definitely choose the web development company.


It is very tempting to search for a freelancer because they want less money than a web development company, but will they provide you the same quality website as a web development company?


Let me remind you the advantages for working with a web development company:


  • Multiple Teams of experts meaning multiple Skills involved in your project according to your needs;
  • Offers customer satisfaction guarantee;
  • Quality Assurance processes in place for everything to run smooth;
  • Technical Knowledge, Skills, and Experience in the field;
  • Internal standard operating procedures that will optimize the delivery time and best practices;
  • It is more aware about current web trends and the latest technology by constantly working on various projects;
  • You benefit of a full team of developers, designers, and online marketing specialists;
  • You can meet them for a face-to-face or online talk about what you need;
  • You don’t need an emergency plan because the team will be always available for your project once you hire them – your project become their priority;
  • They know very well to work under pressure and they respect always their deadlines.



In the final of the article I will show an infographic with the differences between a web development company and a freelancer.


Choose wisely!



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