Blockchain, one of the most innovative IT concepts of our time, has gradually opened up opportunities for new businesses that weren’t considered possible before. The most successful application of this technology is of course related to the cryptocurrency market. Since Bitcoin’s appearance in 2009, more than 4000 different flavors of cryptocurrencies have launched, which helped create a flourishing exchange market business that is projected to represent a 1.40 billion industry by 2024.

Taking aside the entire debate around cryptocurrencies, enterprises no longer question whether blockchain is even worth the attention, on the contrary, companies worldwide are now proactively seeking new ways of incorporating DLT technology in their legacy systems.

Boost IT recognized the opportunity to consolidate and enhance its expertise in blockchain and partnered with CryptoCoin.Pro to develop one of the most complex crypto exchange portals.

The portal showcases features like:

Furthermore, there are many other business verticals that were created or enhanced based on the foundation laid down by the decentralized public ledger.

Another very interesting and innovative application of blockchain that was developed in partnership with Boost IT is IP Exchange – IPSX is the first blockchain-based decentralized exchange, fully automated, associating the price and distribution based on offer and demand of IP Addresses.

We are constantly improving our Blockchain services offerings and expertise. Currently, we can help you with any of the following:

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