Boost IT can help you to start your digital transformation process. We use the latest technologies, reliable tools, and best industry practices so that your idea is up and running in around 10 weeks!

This is How We Do It

Discovery Phase

First, we understand your business needs and the background of the vertical in which your company is doing business. Then, based on the gathered information along with the project constraints, we propose a series of project milestones along with its deliverables.

Our aim is to deliver outstanding results by meeting each customer’s expectation.

Execution Phase

In order to execute a project with efficiency and transparency, Boost IT uses Agile Scrum methodology. Using Scrum, we deliver project iterations every two weeks, and we continuously have constant meetings with all stakeholders, with the goal of delivering a working product in about 10 weeks.

We have different milestones during project execution:

Monitoring and Controlling

The Monitoring and Controlling phase spans across the entire project execution phase. Boost IT gathers various metrics related to project development, reports them to project stakeholders.

User Acceptance Testing Phase

Once the project execution is complete, Boost IT organizes a project handover process and each project deliverable is checked for completion.

Project Closing Phase

The first thing performed in the closing phase is to push the project to the live environment. Immediately after this process is completed, our QA team does a final thorough testing in order to make sure nothing broke during the deployment process.

Once the project is live and everything works as expected, we do a final sign-off of the contract along with a lessons learned session.

As a final step, both teams mark the achievement with a great party!

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